About Us

JMU Equestrian is a club sport with over 50 active members. We pride ourselves on being a relaxed, supportive, and family-like club of friendly, horse-loving Dukes. Our common equine interests form lasting friendships and memories. It is governed by an executive board of students. Club members participate in weekly meetings, educational activities, social events, fundraising and community service. The club’s roster is open to anyone with an interest in horses. Experience is not needed to join the club!


Many club members ride and take lessons at Jason Berry Stables in Verona, VA. Students riding at JBS must join the club and pay dues, but members do not need to take lessons to be part of the club. To take lessons, you will purchase a lesson package adjusted to fit the number of weeks in the semester. JBS offers lessons one to three times a week. JBS offers opportunities to do local shows throughout Virgina that are not IHSA related. 


We understand that JMU does not allow freshmen to have cars on campus. The club works with freshmen riders to coordinate lesson scheduling around your class schedule. We also make sure to group freshmen into lessons with an upperclassman driver. (This process is generally made much easier if freshmen can manage to schedule their classes in the morning and leave afternoons free or vice versa.) Freshmen are expected to contribute gas money for shared transportation.


JMU Equestrian competes in Zone 4 Region 2 of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). There are nine other teams in our region including Bridgewater College, Hollins University, Virginia Tech, Washington and Lee University, the University of Virginia, the University of Lynchburg, Hampden-Sydney College, Roanoke College, and Mary Baldwin University. IHSA includes classes from the Walk/Trot level through the 3’ level and is equitation based. We compete in IHSA meets during both the Fall and Spring semesters. All riders will fill out paperwork with the help of our IHSA Captain and coaches that determines their IHSA class level and eligibility. The number of riders we take to each show varies based on the host school’s facility and size. Tryouts for the IHSA team are held at the beginning of Fall Semester, but team is subject to change based on performance in lessons and the discretion of our coach and captains. Show team members must be full-time undergrad students. Showing as a team is a unique and rewarding experience that fosters a strong, encouraging support system.

Jason Berry Stables:  1443 Laurel Hill Rd, Verona, VA

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