Jason Berry STables

Jason Berry Stables is home to the IHSA team as well as many other JMU Equestrian riders. Located about 25 minutes from campus, students have the opportunity to take a lesson either once, twice, or three times a week, as well as compete at local horse shows in the area. Students carpool to lessons, giving incoming students a great opportunity to meet new people. All levels of riders can be accommodated as there are horses suitable for beginner through advanced riders. If you ride a Jason Berry Stables you are not required to compete however, you must ride at JBS to compete on the IHSA team.


Briana Stone was hired in 2015 to coach the JMU IHSA team. Briana graduated from Virginia Intermont College with a degree in Equine Studies and rode on the IHSA team.  After graduation, Briana gained experience working and riding for various well-known Hunter/Jumper professionals.  She is eager to help the JMU riders continue to expand their knowledge. 

More information about Jason Berry Stables can be found at jasonberrystables.com

Jason Berry Stables:  1443 Laurel Hill Rd, Verona, VA

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